Sunday, May 8, 2011

Pastor? Who me?

For anyone that reads this, you may know that this last week was my first week as the Lead Pastor at Hidden Valley Worship Center.  The Installment service was excellent with family and friends gathered together and the support in undertaking this endeavor has been truly humbling.

I think often about the different things that I would want from a pastor as I look at the way that I try to be one.  I don't think the list that I created would be that hard to do, except that the qualities in an individual to achieve those expectations would be very unique and hard to come by (I will delineate that list at a later date).  I hope that I can be the leader and pastor that God is calling me to be, even more than my own personal expectations. I want to be able to freely lead and create atmospheres where God can transform lives.

Self-doubt, fear and a general sense of lack can often be an adversary to a leader.  The enemy is looking for an entry point to begin to build strongholds and take ground from the Lord in all of our lives, and the key to taking a leader down is to make them doubt their calling, ability, and the impact that they are having in the kingdom.  Staying focused on the truth of God in our lives (reminding ourselves of what He says about us, generally and specifically) will allow faith to flourish and the enemies schemes to lose ground and effectiveness.

I long to be a pastor that is yielded to the will of God, and to live in His kingdom here on earth.  God's power and might are to be displayed through yielded spirits and through the righteous lives of His kids.   God help me be yielded, temperate, and burning for you!

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